Our Values

Self-awareness. To understand yourself is to not only understand your strengths but your weaknesses as well. Being mindful is essential for every member of our highly functioning team. If you are honest with yourself, you can be honest and real with others. Self-awareness is the first step towards clear communication, leadership and life-long learning.

Courageous honesty. We commit ourselves to honest, empathetic and transparent communication. Our team employs active listening skills and aims to engage every interaction with candor and compassion. We care, so we are honest. Even though the truth can sometimes hurt, we understand that it is absolutely necessary for an environment of accelerated learning and growth.

Life-long learning. Wisdom and learning are born from humility. We ask questions, welcome feedback and understand that collaboration leads to better solutions. We are excited to learn from those around us. Whether it is in our professional or personal lives, we are always in pursuit of knowledge and growth.

Egoless leadership. At Qu, we are all leaders. We embody effective communication, facilitation and accountability. We empower each other. We value character above all and recognize natural leadership. There is no glass ceiling here – you can rise as high as your character and integrity will take you. With all of us embracing these leadership qualities, there is no limit to what we can accomplish together.

Innovation. We don’t limit ourselves to doing things the way they’ve always been done. We ask why, embody creativity, flexibility, and solve problems based on first principles. We embrace challenges as opportunities and explore the unknown with courage and humility. We understand that “rules are for the compliance of fools, and guidance of the wise”. We address rate-limiting steps and take the informed path into the uncharted.

Passion. Enthusiasm is contagious. We are a team of highly motivated, self-responsible and action-oriented individuals. We believe in balance and being passionate about all aspects of our lives. We like to blur the lines between work and play. We encourage each other to find and live our passions, expressed in our work and reflected in our life.

Altruism. We cooperate rather than compete. We are motivated by concepts larger than ourselves rather than self-interest and egotistical career ambitions. Integrity and strong moral principles are the foundation of our character. Our team gives credit where credit is due and understands that true success flows from teamwork and mutual respect. We believe that sharing of prestige, recognition, and decision-making elevates us all. Find yourself here.